The Hidden Kingdom

Discovering the Divine Presence in Nature

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The Hidden Kingdom is more than a book. 

        It is a living invitation, directly from the earth, to rediscover our ancient, profound connection with Nature. Through inspired prose and poetry, journaling and meditation exercises, as well as an unexpected shamanistic adventure, the author takes us on a transformative journey. 

        By opening our mind and heart to the extraordinary, unseen voices from the natural world, we open more intimately to the ultimate truth of who we are.

About the Author

    Marcia Zina Mager is a published author, journalist, award-winning poet, key note speaker, as well as a performance artist. Her books have been translated into 8 languages

    Her international best seller “Believing in Faeries: A manual for grown-ups” is now available as an e-book along with the trendy “31 Words to Create an Organized Life: 

Simple strategies & expert advice to win the battle against chaos & clutter.” 

    Marcia’s new, one-woman show, WHO THE BLEEP AM I? A personal, poetic, musical, humorous AND serious exploration of identity has been performed for audiences around Honolulu. The miraculous circumstances that led Marcia from New York City, where she grew up, to the Hawaiian Islands became a featured segment on Lifetime TV’s Beyond Chance, as well as on Japanese television. 

    Her stories and essays have appeared in local & national publications, including numerous bestselling book series such as Hot Chocolate for the Mystical Lover; Small Miracles for Women; and Chicken Soup from the Soul of Hawaii. Marcia also created and founded the original “Write from the Heart” a national creativity workshop, taught from coast to coast --including Hawaii and Canada. 

    She lives in Oahu, Hawaii with her sexy surfin’ sweetheart (and husband) Dennis, and her blonde-haired, blue-eyed teenage son, Reyn, and her ooh-ooh-pet-me-pet-me friendly black dog Zoey, and Mele, the purr-fect cat.