Stories of Prayers & Faith 

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    A collection of 26 inspiring stories written by 22 women, 3 men and 1 child that will touch your heart. Read how prayer and faith influenced, changed, or even saved their lives. These are true stories written by ordinary people who experienced something beyond the physical world. 

    Heartwarming & Inspiring

Read about how  . . . 

* A four year old falls from a balcony and visits Jesus.

* A small, overloaded aircraft takes off, while a scruffy Newfoundlander miner leads the nervous passengers in a rousing rendition of  Onward Christian Soldiers.

* A young bride survives the London blitz when her apartment block is destroyed, leaving only her and a glass angel figurine intact. 

* A woman, swimming in the Pacific Ocean, turns to see a shark right behind her.

* A man recovers to walk and talk after having 80% of his left temporal lobe removed. 

* And many, many stories

An special treat in this book is the inclusion of Ruth Cunningham’s poetry from her book Mystical Verses.

To read more about Ruth and her work go to

Ruth Cunningham at the Alton Mill reading from her book,

Mystical Verses.