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Realms of Metaphor
by John Millard Hughes

“Within the seed of  your desire

is everything necessary

for it to blossom to fulfillment.”



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Realms Of Metaphor by John Millard Hughes


   This small edition contains a selection of poems written by John Millard Hughes, born in Mountain Ash, Wales.

    Also includes photos of some of the many trees (over 20,000) he and his wife Liz planted on their property in Ennotville, Ontario , Canada

Love Walked in a Garden

Love walked in a garden

And made fairer blooms to grow

Than ever grew before,

Though the garden was all snow.

Love walked in the Heavens

And called the stars to light

To shine in precious splendour,

Though clouded was the night.

Love walked on my heart

And set it all aflame

With the golden beauty of the world

Though the world remained the same.