Like the air you breathe,

abundance in all things is available to you. 

Your life will simply be as good

as you allow it to be.


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Medieval Love: Margrett’s Story


   Gloria Nye is an award winning author. Her short story, Seventeen Crows, won first prize at the Elora Writers’ Festival.  Anna’s Question earned Honorable Mention at the Eden Mills Writer’s Festival, Pillow Talk won 3rd prize at Sharon’s Words Alive Literary Festival and her stories Threshold and My Story have been shortlisted at the Writers’ Union of Canada Contest.

Medieval Love: Margrett’s Story by Gloria Nye


    13th Century Margret of Ussex, a spunky 14 year old of noble birth, defies social and religious constraints in an attempt to live her own life. She loves the wrong man and is banished to a convent where a vindictive Mother Helwsyka tries to dim her spirit.

    Margrett hides her treasured Dragonfly brooch, and prays daily to be reunited with the man she loves. Will she break her vows and search for her lover? And how does a monk in disguise, a dawn murder, and a King’s bastard help her on her journey to freedom?

    About the next Dragonfly Book

    Everlasting Love: Cynthia’s Story is the next book in the Dragonfly Series. Cynthia Marshall, A woman in the 21st Century finds an ancient dragonfly brooch in a flea market and when she touches it, is swirled into a vortex of remembering. 

    When she visits Llewelyn Castle in Wales for the first time, why does she have the erie feeling she had lived there a long time ago. And what other strange happenings does she encounter? What about the man she meets, and when she looks into his dark eyes, memories flood back. Who is . . . or was he?  Who is . . . or was she? 

    And what does Margrett and her dragonfly brooch in Medieval Love have to do with Cynthia in Everlasting Love, 800 years in the future?

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