“Without leaps of imagination, or dreaming,

we lose the excitement of possibilities.

Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning.”

                                                  Gloria Steinem

Spiral Press
Dream Quest Cards
Unlock the Mystery of Your Dreams

Dream Quest Cards exist of 70 theme cards, each with 5 to 7 insightful questions designed to guide, challenge, and gently nudge you toward an in-depth meaning of your dreams.  As you answers the questions, you are led to explore and discover what your personal dream symbols mean and how your dream relates to waking life. Instruction Booklet included.

DreamQuest Cards

Unlock the Mystery of Your Dreams

By Dr.Kathleen Meadows and Gloria Nye

70 Cards & Instruction Booklet       $14.95 Cad

A Couple of FAQ’s

What else do I get with the cards?

You’ll also receive A Guide to the Cards—a comprehensive, easy-to-follow booklet, with step-by-step instructions, examples, an FAQ section, and a list of recommended reading for further study.  This mini dream book covers topics such as: How To Remember Your Dreams, Recurring Dreams, Lucid Dreams,  Nightmares, etc.



How do I use the cards?

Think of your dream, and spread all the cards face down and draw one. If you are in a dream group, or with a friend, after telling your dream, you can give them the card and they will ask you the questions.

When you have finished answering the questions on the first card, focus on any unanswered questions or ask for more clarification and draw your second card. After answering the questions on that card, draw your last card and answer those questions. This gives you a full reading of your dream.

Now put the three cards in front of you and, looking at the title of each card, make up a sentence using each word.  For example if you drew Object, Recurring Image, and Success, you might write: “When I pay attention to certain objects that keep recurring in my life, I will have more success.”  Others may also offer suggestions.

Dream Quest Cards are an innovative tool for dream exploration, useful for personal insights but especially powerful in group dreamwork.  Synchronicity is surprisingly experienced through use of the cards, lending a mystical quality to this non-projective, yet highly effective, method of dreamwork.”

         Rita Dwyer,

         Past President of The Association for the Study of Dreams

    “Amazingly powerful. DreamQuest Cards provide a means to access the hidden corridors of the unconscious in a simple, yet effective way.”                                                      

          Richard Wilkerson, News Director, Electric Dreams

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