Five Lessons: And Q & A

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“You cannot find a cause 

outside of your own consciousness. 

Your world is a grand mirror

constantly telling you who you are. “ 


Neville’s writings and lectures are as fresh and relevant to-day as when he first wrote and spoke them. He walked the talk and has left us with ample material to ponder.  

The practical suggestions and techniques in this book can profoundly change your life. Neville’s readers, especially woman, will appreciate this special publication formatted in inclusive language.

“I know of no clearer definition of the means by which we realize our desires than to EXPERIENCE IN THE IMAGINATION WHAT WE WOULD EXPERIENCE IN THE FLESH, WERE WE TO ACHIEVE OUR GOAL. This imaginary experience of the end with acceptance, wills the means.”

 “The difference between FEELING yourself in action, here and now, and visualizing yourself in action, as though you were on a motion-picture screen, is the difference between success and failure.” This lecture series, Five Lessons, concludes with Neville’s oft stated premise: “Assume you are what you want to be. Walk in that assumption and it will harden into fact.”

About the Author

Neville Lancelot Goddard, simply known as Neville, was born in Barbados, West Indies on Feb. 19, 1905, the fourth child in a family of nine boys and one girl. He came to the United States in 1922 and enjoyed a career in the theatre. His interest in mysticism grew as did his esoteric interpretations of the Bible. 

He studied with a man named Abdullah for many years, learning Hebrew and delving deeply into the hidden symbolic meaning of the Kabbalah and scripture. Neville began lecturing and travelled throughout the United Sates, making his home In Los Angeles. Just as Seth gave us the immortal words, “You create your own reality,” Neville has told us how with his spectacular phrase, “Imagining creates reality.” 

What a gift to humankind! He also translates the Bible in a new light, explaining how the stories and parables are psychological dramas representing our consciousness. That all of its characters and actors are personified qualities and attributes of our consciousness. That God and Christ in each of us is our consciousness, our awareness of being, and through our imagination we can transform (resurrect) our outer world. 

Neville passed on Oct. 1, 1972. He has left us with many wonderful books and hundreds of lectures which are available on the Internet. “Claim yourself to be that which you desire to be and that you shall be.”