Book 1

  13th Century Margrett of Ussex, a rebellious young woman of noble birth, defies social and religious constraints as she attempts to live her own life. She loves the wrong man and is banished to a convent where a vindictive Mother Superior tries to dim her spirit.

    The Hidden Vow is the tumultuous story of a woman struggling to find her own identity and power in a suffocating patriarchal society. Who doesMargrett think she isto ever imagine breaking free of the confines of medieval England and the all-encompassing Roman Catholic Church? And how do a monk, a murder, and a King’s bastard help her on her electrifying journey?

      Margrett’s enduring inner strength and determination grow from her courage and unbounded faith in the human spirit. Will her simple pewter dragonfly brooch, fashioned by her lover, become her magical talisman to life, love, and liberation?

Book 2 

    Born with a disfiguring birthmark to a controlling, critical mother, fifty-three year old Cynthia Marshall is resigned to live a bleak and loveless life. Now faced with the loss of her house, and fiercely concealing a shameful secret of her own daughter’s birth, Cynthia is plunged into bitter darkness from a promise her rmother made and broke so many years ago. 

        Disheartened and ready to give up, she finds an old dragonfly brooch in an antique market. When the monk-like merchant reverently lowers it onto her palm, ancient whispers awaken memories of a life she lived 800 years ago.  

        Will these past life memories drive her crazy or save her? Can anything break through the iron gates that surround her heart?  The Broken Promise evocatively crosses centuries in this compelling story of love, despair, and courage.  

        The Broken Promise, Book 2 in the Dragonfly Series can be read alone, however, many people will no doubt enjoy the reincarnation connection of Margret’s life told in Book 1, The Hidden Vow