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A Walk in Fields of Gold

An Anthology of Prose & Poetry

The  Headwaters Writers' Guild is a group of writers who meet to share their writing, provide encouragement, inspiration and motivation. 

 Their main focus is on writing and while there are no membership fees, the Headwaters Writers' Guild requires a serious commitment. Members are encouraged to give effective, positive, feedback of others' work in a positive atmosphere, to encourage, inspire and support one another. 

 The group meets on Two Sundays a month in Orangeville, Ontario,Canada. For more information,go to their website at

Written by members of the Headwaters Writers’ Guild. 

From beginning and emerging writers 

to published and prize winning authors.

”What lies behind us 

and what lies before us are tiny matters 

compared to what lies within us.” 

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Here are some .first lines 

“The first time God performed a miracle in my life, I was up to my armpit in a toilet tank.” 

God is in my Bathroom by Caitlin Smith

“Being a bank teller is a lot like being a bartender.” 

False Teeth by Diane Bator  

“From this day forward, she would know the smell of death.”  

Death Visits Maggie  by Alberta Nye

“Night in the forest.  For some a time to hunt.  For others a time to sleep.  For the likes of me, Roger Meadowlark, B.I., the night is a nest full of cases waiting to be cracked.”  

The Case of the Seed that Wouldn’t by Harry Posner 

“Seventeen crows stood waiting at the end of the lane.” 

Seventeen Crows by Gloria Nye

“I don’t know why I ever signed up for this crazy dating service!” 

The Blind Date by Marilyn Kleiber

“Ted banged on the keys of his old Underwood typewriter.” 

        Deadline by Shirley Bray

“It’s not our responsibility, Mother,” said Sharon. “We paid the church ladies to make Dad’s funeral luncheon and that includes the pies.” 

The Last Apple Pie  by Jayne Self  

“ . . . as Inspiration spreads her wings I chase the glint of unnamed things . . .  ” 

Inspiration by Ruth Cunningham